Spring Service

During the Spring season many pest and bug species are beginning their life cycles meaning you can start to expect more and more pests and bugs until the end of Summer. If you haven’t had preventative pest services out yet, Spring time is the ideal time. Not only will it help ward off the new Spring pests, but it will also prevent them from laying eggs in your home that hatch later on, saving you future pest related headaches!

Once Spring begins, bugs such as Box EldersSpiders, and Carpenter Ants hatch out to wreak havoc on their surrounding area.

Summer Service

During the Summer months many of the pests and bugs that started their life cycle in the Spring are now fully grown and will be at your doorstep 24/7. If you haven’t had your pest prevention service out by now, you’re likely to see a pest problem in the future without proper pest control servicing.

During the Summer the issues tend to change as wasps, japanese beetles and household ants grow in number greatly and become even more troublesome. While a DIY approach can help, it’s usually temporarily, which is why we recommend using a professional pest control service.

Fall Service

 As Fall approaches everything from bugs to rodents will make a ‘bee line’ to get inside your home because as the weather gets colder and colder. Now would be the ideal time to be checking for any cracks in the foundation, doorways, windows, etc. where pests could potentially get in through and block them to prevent bugs or pests.

In our pest prevention services here at Ewert Pest Control, we include a free pest inspection to help identify where these openings are located in your home, block the opening and create an anti-pest shield to fully ensure your home remains pest free in the coming months. Call your local branch today at the number(s) above!

Winter Service

The Winter season is when most people think their home is safest from outside pests, which is true, however the pest threat now comes from the inside. Any pest that have potentially wriggled their way into your home during the Fall are now in a very cozy position to reproduce and create an even worse pest control problem if it’s not stopped early on.

If you are experiencing a pest control problem on the inside of your home, we highly recommend using a professional pest control company to take care the problem. For example, MasterGuard pest technicians are fully certified to remove existing pests and prevent them from coming back in the future. For professional residential pest control for your home during the Winter, call your local pest control branch today!