Rat Extermination, and Control In Wisconsin 

-Rats in Wisconsin-

-Rat Extermination for your yard, and structure-

Ewert Pest and Wildlife Control offers extermination and control of the Norway Rat also known as the street or sewer rat, is believed to be of Asian origin, arriving in the U.S. on ships from other countries in the 1700s. Today, Norway rats are found throughout the world. Norway rats have fairly poor vision and are colorblind. Despite this, their other senses, including hearing, smell, touch and taste are keen. Although not extremely agile, they are capable of running, climbingjumping and swimming. Norway rats are known to cause damage to properties and structures through their gnawing. In Wisconsin you will see them as common as mice in many areas.  

Rats on your property can pose a health risk and a nuisance. If you see Rats, or signs call Ewert Pest and Wildlife Control for effective solutions. 

-Rat Remediation and Control-

Ewert Pest and Wildlife Control utilizes extermination, and control techniques for Rats. Due to the enviroment, and structure being different for most people, we like to start with an in home inspection. Once we perform our inspection, we can then determine the best course for extermination. We will also go over a set up plan for monitoring and controlling the rat popluation around your property. To schedule a free inspection call us today.

Why choose Ewert for your Rat Remediation?

  • Eco-Friendly, Pet Friendly Treatment Options
  • In House Financing
  • Family Owned and Licensed
  • Structural Remediation and Control
  • Multiple Options fit for your needs

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