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Wisconsin summer nights are perfect for backyard bonfires, dinner on the patio, and outdoor games. When the weather is right, it’s time to get outside. Whether you’re working on outdoor projects or enjoying some free time in the yard, don’t let mosquitos cut your night short.

Certified in mosquito control

Ewert Pest Control technicians are certified in mosquito control. They use fast-acting and effective products that are green and eco-friendly. Ewert’s tick- and mosquito-control services won’t harm your kids, pets, plants or pollinators. For long-lasting pest control, Ewert treats yards on a monthly basis from springtime to fall.

Keep the mosquitos away

Mosquitos are most active from dusk to dawn. Their buzzing and biting are more than just annoying. Mosquitos pose a health concern, too. Their bites can cause itchiness, swelling, and soreness, especially for kids. Scratching a mosquito bite can lead to infection. Additionally, mosquitos can carry certain diseases, including West Nile virus, affecting people and animals.

Control ticks in tall grass & woods

Ticks are most active in spring, summer and early fall. They live in tall grass and wooded areas. Most tick bites cause only minor symptoms like redness and swelling. However, ticks can also transmit Lyme disease, which can cause serious health issues.

Have a wonderful, pest free day!

Buzzing, biting mosquitos and blood-thirsty ticks can ruin the fun of being outdoors. For convenient, hassle-free insect control, homeowners turn to the licensed professionals at Ewert Pest Control. Enjoy your yard to the fullest by calling Ewert Pest Control, 833-EPC-PEST (372-7378) or sending us an email.

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