Mole Removal and Prevention In Wisconsin 

-Mole Damage Wisconsin-

-Moles in your lawn-

Moles dig their tunnels in search of earthworms, grubs and other small creatures of the soil and leaf litter. Mice, ground squirrels and insects are the ones to destroy plants, and grden beds, because they inhabit the mole’s network of tunnels, feeding and gnawing on plants. However, moles are not entirely guiltless. Their raised tunnels are unsightly, particularly in well-manicured lawns in parks, golf courses and yards.

The tunnels can interfere with mowing and expose roots to air, killing the grass and leaving a yellow, twisting strip in an otherwise green lawn. Plants are frequently killed when a mole tunnels directly under a row of garden seedlings. Moles feed on both beneficial creatures, such as earthworms, and on harmful vegetable pests like grubs and other insect larvae or adult insects. Moles are not a problem during the winter because they dig deeper in the soil to get below the frost line.

-Mole Extermination and Prevention-

Ewert Pest and Wildlife Control utilizes Baits, and Trapping devices to remove Moles off your property. Mole control and programs normally run May-September for the best coverage against Moles. Ewert also offers Preventative options around your home to help control Moles. For a free quote today call or message us.

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  • Eco-Friendly, Pet Friendly Treatment Options
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  • Family Owned and Licensed
  • Lawn Removal and Prevention
  • Multiple Options fit for your needs

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