Mouse Extermination, and Prevention In Wisconsin 

-Mice in Wisconsin-

-Mice in your yard, or in the structure-

There are two commone types of Mice in Wisconsin. The house mouse, and the deer mouse. Both of these mice can be a nuisance to your home, family, health, and any structure around. Mice will enter your attic, basement, and any place that gives them entrance. Ewert Pest and Wildlife Control has amazing rodent services to help eliminate, monitor, and control mice. 

Mice can breed like crazy, are nocturnal critters, and a common nuisance in Wisconsin. When you see signs of mice inside the home, its time to call a professional. Some common signs of mice in the home are small ovel fecal, items being chewed up, cat/ dog food going missing, and noises in the wall/ ceiling. If your concerned, call Ewert Pest and Wildlife Control for a Free Mouse Inspection. 

-Mouse Extermination, Prevention, and Control-

Ewert Pest and Wildlife Control utilizes exclusion, and control techniques to keep mice out of homes, and control mice around structures. We do not just use traps, as we look for the big picture. How are they getting in? This is what we will determine during your inspection. We will create a solution to fix and seal entrways are the structure. We will then set up rodent control to monitor and eliminate mice inside the structure. 

Mice in the yard can also be monitored and eliminated as part of our rodent control methods. No worries though all of the products we use are pet friendly. Here is wisconsin, the deer mouse and house mouse, being the two common mice can be a nuisance. Call us today to ensure mice don’t bother you.


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  • Eco-Friendly, Pet Friendly Treatment Options
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  • Structural Remediation, Prevention, and Control 
  • Multiple Options fit for your needs

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