Zachary Ewert – Owner 

 Zach started Ewert Pest Control in 2015, with the first office being opened in West Allis, WI. Zach came from a Law Enforcement Background with Field and Operations experience under his belt. Zach believes in hard work, workmanship, loyalty and trust, which helps make Ewert Pest Control core values make you feel more like a family member. “We treat everyone the same, as if there pest problem was our own” is one of the many quotes Zach has built Ewert Pest Control on. 

Hobbies:    Football, Wrestling, Cars, Working Out, Firearms, Video Games, Camping, Fishing, Traveling. 



Brian Zahringer – Operations Manager 

Brian started with Ewert Pest Control in 2017, coming from a Firearms background. 

John Oberhofer – Area Manager

John started with Ewert Pest Control in 2015 when the Company first opened. 

Kyle Kramer – Field Technician 

Jacobei – Bed Bug/ Chaser K-9

Jacobei started with Ewert Pest Control in 2017. Being cross trained in bird chasing and Bed Bug Scent Detection. Jacboei spends his days in many hotels, motels, residential homes, and commercial buildings from finding bed bugs to keeping birds off properties. 

Maggie Bed Bug K-9

Maggie started with Ewert Pest Control in 2018. Trained as a Bed Bug Scent Detection K-9. Maggie has a track record to be found in residential homes helping locate bed bugs and infestations.