Bed Bug Extermination


Heat Remediation

Heat treatments effectively eliminate bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle. It is a good choice when results are needed quickly or when a chemical-free solution is desired. During the heating process, temperatures will be raised to 120-140 degrees, which is lethal to bed bugs. For added protection, a conventional treatment is applied.



  • Eliminates all stages from egg to adult
  • Achieves results in a single treatment
  • Eliminates bed bugs that are resistant to chemical treatment
  • Non-chemical and non-toxic




  • Residents must vacate the area, for about 6-12 hours, during treatment
  • Higher cost than traditional treatment


Recommended For:


  • Infestations are heavy and/or are in unconventional places such as computers
  • Situations when results are needed quickly
  • Small areas, including apartments, dorm rooms, condos and small homes




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Conventional Treatment

This treatment uses a concentrated application applied to harborage locations. This method typically includes three applications scheduled two weeks apart to coincide with the bed bug reproduction and incubation cycles. Tenants and pets must vacate during the service and can return after the treated areas have dried (four hours from the time we arrive for service).


  • Minimal preparation is required for the first service
  • Very effective when done correctly
  • Provides residual action against bed bugs, which helps eliminate any bed bugs that come across the area weeks after treatment


  • Repeat treatments are usually necessary
  • Certain items can’t be treated such as computers or clothing

Recommended For:

  • Multiple units that are infested
  • Cases with high risk for reinfestation
  • Most affordable option

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