Wisconsin Bat Removal

Bat Removal, and Bat Eviction in Wisconsin.

Bats in Wisconsin can be a benefit and a nuisance.  The Big Brown Bat and Small Brown Bat are the two most common nuisance bats. Ewert offers humane Bat Removal and Eviction along with Bat Clean Up in Green Bay, Shawano, Lakewood, Clintonville, Marinette, Oconto, Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond Du Lac, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Sturgeon Bay. 

Wisconsin Bat Removal

Let Ewert Pest and Wildlife Control make your home pest free. We will humanely evict all bats in your home. We even offer repair and clean up after the bats. Our process is a simple four step method for removal, and clean up. Let us help make your home bat free today.


First we will perform a in home inspection. During this inspection we will determine the entryways the bats are using to get in the home. We will also inspect the attic to determine the amount of clean up needed.


Seal Up Entryways, and Install Bat Cones

For eviction of the bats, we will seal all entryways found. For areas the bats are using we will install a bat cone. This cone will let them leave and not get back in. The bat cones will be in place for 21-30 days.

Remove Bat Cones After 21 Days

After the bat cones have been in place long enough to let the bats leave. We will return to remove the bat cones and seal these entryways off.

Perform Clean Up and Disinfection

Bats are now evicted, great. We will now perform the clean up and sanitation. This means removing the soiled insulation in the attic, sanitizing the attic and then installing new insulation.

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