Ewert Pest Control will take care of your business and family, using our many years of experience and dedicated trained experts that can handle any pest situation and rectify it with the most scientific, technological and safest methods. Don’t allow pests to get in the way of you enjoying your home or business. Whether it be bed bugs, bats, wildlife trapping, or just regular prevention, schedule your IPM pest control based services today! 

Ewert Pest Maintenance (EPM)

Ewert Pest Control offers preventative and Maintenance programs for up to 72 General Insects, Exotic Insects, and Rodents. These programs help eliminate, monitor, and prevent issues before they are possible. Some pest issues can cause damage, stress, and disease. Let us help ensure your home or business is pest free for everyone!

Pest Control Service

We strive to make sure all of the pests you will encounter in your home or business are taken care of by professional and courteous technicians. Our family is highly-trained and recommended by many other customers who have been in your exact situation. Are you unsure which service is the best for your situation? Click below and read about our offered services.

Bed Bug Insurance 

Becoming bed bug free can be a costly expense. Any family that has had to battle them already knows. That is why we are now offering a Bed Bug Insurance program. For as little as $10.00 per month you can ensure that if and when you ever have to battle these bugs that they are not costing you a small fortune and stress. Call us today for details!

 Pest Control Programs

Bed Bug Remediation

They’re experts at hiding and staying hidden. Get an inspection, TODAY!

Pest Control Service

Many pests will enter the home and overrun it, leaving thousands in damage. Let us help make you pest free at a affordable cost.

Bat Removal

Bats should never be inside your home. Generally once inside, they won’t leave, but hibernate and nest. 

Mosquito Treatments

Take back your yard with peace of mind with Ewert Pest Free Guaretnee. 

Wildlife Trapping and Relocation

Animals in the attic? Under the rear deck? Ewert Pest Control traps and relocates nuisance animals humanely, We love animals too.

Rodents -Mice & Rats

Entryways leading into your home can be out of sight but allow mice and rats to enter. Let us help you become rodent free today!


Brian Zahringer and Zachary Ewert did an amazing job removing bats from our home and once bats and mice were found they were on it within a week and sealed the house up! Great guys and a great company!
~ Autumn Farah

“Thank you Autumn, means so much to us all! Thank you for allowing us to perform our Milwaukee bat removal and rodent service.”
~Owner Zachary Ewert

Great service—we were having an issue with mosquitoes and we could hardly spend any time outside. They treated the yard with eco friendly products and told us to stay off the lawn for an hour. After that we never saw another mosquito.”

Bug free for several years now at a great price! Couldn’t ask for a better experience, also a very personable person doing it!

Beyond great service and company. Always updated with the best tech, training and skill set for the job

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Ewert Pest Control

Ewert Pest Control

Ewert Pest Control

Ewert Pest Control

Ewert Pest Control

Ewert Pest Control