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Were here to make your life bug free at an affordable price!
Ewert Pest Control is a local family owned company. Licensed, Insured and Bonded in Pest Control, Wildlife Control and Turf Control. The comany was started by Zachary Ewert In 2016. 

The goal of the company was to make our clients life pest free at an affordable price. When it comes to your home or business you shouldnt have to worry about pests or rodents, leave it to us without having to worry. With excellent service, top quality work, and truthful advice we can make your world pest free today. We are fully trained in Pest Control Services, Wildlife and Turf Service. 

When it comes to a pest in your home, we think just like them to find the source. We thoroughly inspect every crack, crevice, and hole possible. With every service, you will get a full top notch inspection of the property. We also include your garage, shed/ and or any structure on your property with any Pest Control or Rodent Control service, which makes you one more step to being pest and rodent free. 

Safety for you and ourselves is one of our biggest commitements. The only products we use are green and eco friendly. They will not harm plants, animals, or humans which make controlling the pests an easier yes!

All of our vehicles are equipped with Emergency lighting for our protetion in the dark. We opperate 24 hours, day and night, so we use emergency lighting to help be seen when looking for evidence, or to be seen on road ways and in traffic. If you see a vehicle as such please use caution as vehicle could slow down at any moment.

We use orange cones around our vehicles at all times as extra precaution. To ensure and help eliminate any vehicles moving to close to our vehicles.