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Why choose EWERT?

We are a Wisconsin locally owned, Insured, and Licensed Pest Control Company. We offer service state wide and provide insect, rodent, wildlife, and home repair/ contruction services. 

We are licensed and insured to provide more services to protect, prevent and repair home damages made by insects, rodents and/ or wildlife. 

*Wisconsins most afforadable programs and services. 

*Longest Warranties/ Guarenties for services

*Most advanced technology to help diagnose and solve pest issues. 


As a business owner, you want to minimize risk and safeguard your reputation. Our customized industry offerings provide continuous pest protection and:

  • Minimize risk: Mice, rats, cockroaches, flies, birds and other pests can contaminate food, destroy products and cause illnesses. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs allow you to maximize your profits, while protecting your customers and employees.
  • Safeguard your reputation: One bed bug, cockroach or rodent sighting can take your reputation from great to ghastly in an instant. Canine scent detection, thermal remediation services and proactive and comprehensive IPM programs, unique for each industry, can help you stop pests before your customers know they are there.


As a homeowner, you want to get the most out of your investment and enjoy your home, yard and family. You also want to make sure your family and guests are safe and healthy.

  • Enjoy your home and yard: Mosquitoes can turn a backyard barbecue into a feeding frenzy; ants are a nuisance; and termites can eat you out of house and home – literally! Our residential services will put your mind at ease and safeguard your investment so you can focus on enjoying time with family and friends.
  • Protect your family: Cockroaches, mice and even flies can make your family sick and make allergy symptoms flare-up. 




Mosquitoes can carry multiple diseases, Is your family protected?  If not call us today!

Pest Proof Your Home

Dont let pests enter, be prepared and have your home inpsected, and pest proofed by Ewert!


Mosquitoes & Ticks

The mosquito has quite an awful reputation. It has been called the biggest killer on the planet and the most deadly animal in the world. With just one bite it can cause great havoc by spreading devastating illnesses like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Malaria,...

This Spring and Summer will explode with Tick Populations, making it harder to enjoy the warm sunny days outside. To help ensure animal safety make sure dogs and cats are on preventative treatments like oral drop or collars. Also ensure to check your self and children...

Stinging Insects

Stinging Insects

Its that time of the year again, the warm weather is rolling in and the cold is getting kicked out. Insects are recovering from hibernation and ready to be a pest to everyone.

Spring Treatment

Spring is finally about to be here, that means warm weather, shorts, and BUGS. Call or Email us today to schedule a Spring Treatment to prevent these pesky critters away and receive %15 OFF. (mention you seen this ad) 03/15/18-04/20/18